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POS cash

register rolls

  • The constantly maintained quality of the cash register rolls ensures uninterrupted operation of these devices, manifested with less than an average of one quarterly complaint.
  • The high quality of the paper used guarantees long-term efficiency of the devices, which is manifested even in their twenty-fold longer lifespan in relation to the printers working on poor quality paper.
  • The company’s logistics base ensures security of supply. This means that Omeko is able to store the right amount of materials and product, and – having the largest production capacity in Central Europe – it can already boast with an over 99% on-time delivery record level.
  • The ability to perform color imprints of photographic quality, allows loss-free communication of any complicated graphic information using this paper.
  • Cash registers paper produced by Omeko also meets the needs of the natural environment, at the same time increasing the image of all users. The offer includes non-phenol papers that meet the most demanding standards for phenol content (BPA-free, non-phenol) as well as papers compliant with the REACH directive, in force since 2020.
  • The offer also includes ecological papers, including the first thermal paper subject to 100% biodegradability.
  • Formal requirements of specialist industries are met each time (e.g., rolls with food contact certification).
  • Long image lifespan – Omeko receipts do not fade, which ensures full compliance with applicable regulations.
  • We guarantee a minimum of 7 years of print life for standard cash register rolls