Technological process



We have implemented the ISO 9001 certificate.

Technological lines in Omeko

are the most efficient

among those available worldwide.


The production lines are equipped with 10 roll printing machines and numerous machines for finishing and confectioning products.

Printing takes place in one of the following technologies:

– offset printing with UV drying,

– flexographic printing with UV drying or air drying.

The most modern, most efficient machines ensure repeatable, highly controllable quality and constant, low production costs. Thanks to this, we provide the most competitive relation of these parameters on the CEE market.

Certified raw materials

Originating from the best, renowned sources developed over the years, guarantee failure-free operation of the customer’s printing devices and compliance with the highest standards in the field of work safety and ecology.

The chain of deliveries, supervised at every stage, allows to precisely monitor the origin of all components used in production and ensure their compliance with the requirements.

Carefully controlled, standardized processes and highly qualified specialists ensure the highest efficiency and quality.

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